AirMini™ Mount System

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AirMini Mount System

The AirMini™ Mount System is designed to allow you to mount the AirMini™ portable CPAP machine  during use to a variety of materials and locations. This AirMini™ Mount System includes the mount for the AirMini™ CPAP, a mattress module, a hook module, and a wall module.

Mattress Rail Mounting Keeps AirMini™ off the Floor
The mattress module attachment is designed to attach the AirMini™ to the side of your bed and keeps it off the floor. This works by fitting the mattress module between a bed frame and mattress, then attaching the AirMini™ to the mount.

Hook AirMini™ for Easy Hanging
The hook module attachment can be used to hang the AirMini™ off various solid items such as a bedside table, bed rail, or on an airplane seat pocket. Simply slide the AirMini™ into the mounting plate, and attach the hook module, then hang the AirMini™.

Attach the AirMini™ to a Wall
Keep the AirMini™ out of the way by attaching it to a wall with screws or double-sided tape (not included). This may be ideal for a location where the hook module and mattress module are not suitable.

Note: Attaching to a wall with screws or tape may leave holes or residue on the wall after use.
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