Floton™ Auto CPAP with Best Fit 2 full Face Mask (40% OFF)

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Resmed Floton Auto CPAP with Best Fit 2 full Face Mask

Floton APAP is compact, light and quiet APAP offering key features necessary treatment and comfort.

Product Benefits
  • Compact, Light and Quiet
  • Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) treatment through most accurate pressure control which provides patient comfort
  • Proprietary Expiratory Unloading Technique (EUT), equivalent to EPR, improves patient comfort by reducing expiratory pressure
  • Floton Auto CPAP provides continuous positive airway pressure to the patient delivering optimal pressure breath by breath

Key Feature       
  • EUT – Expiratory Unloading Technology, an exhalation relief function making breathing more comfortable and feel close to natural.
  • Ramp time - When using the ramp function the pressure starts at 4cmH2O and rises until the device reaches the set PAP RAMP setting is between 0-60min and increase in pressure is 1 cm of water step per minute 
  • Advanced data recording - The Floton Auto will record up to 6 months of the following therapy information to the on-board memory.
  • Auto On/off feature - The Auto On / Off feature allows the Floton Auto to detect when the mask is on and the user is breathing. The machine automatically begins providing the therapy air stream without having to press a button. This feature may be turned off if desired.


We currently offer a standard manufacturer’s 2 year ResMed device warranty*- get extended warranty with ResMed Rewards