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  • ResMed Home Sleep Test

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  • ResMed AirFit™ N20 Nasal Mask
    AirFit™  N20 Nasal Mask

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  • ResMed N20 Mask + AirMini™ Setup Pack
    N20 Mask

    Rs. 10,000.00

  • AirMini™ AutoSet Combo offer (Device + N20 mask + N20 Set up pack)

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  • AirSense™ 10 Autoset Tripack 3G CPAP Device

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Frequently Asked Questions

ResMed is a global leader in sleep technology that has its origins right here in Australia. Our goal is to provide people with the means to awaken their best and enjoy healthier lives by promoting good sleep habits and creating awareness for sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

CPAP uses an air pump and mask to deliver mild air pressure to the upper airway of a person while they sleep. The air pressure can be constant or variable depending on the type of machine. The CPAP pump takes in room air, pressurises it and then transports the pressurised air through a tube and mask and delivers it via the person’s nose (or nose and mouth) into their upper airway (throat). The pressurised air prevents their upper airway from collapsing, allowing them to breathe more normally while they sleep.

A prescription or referral is not required to try CPAP. It is recommended that a sleep test is completed prior. Some patients may need to speak to a sleep specialist or GP before starting on a CPAP treatment. If in doubt, it is recommended that you speak to your GP before trying a CPAP.